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W. Fraze, Jr.




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Deborah Shannon
Ann, Iím so sorry to hear about Frank. I will always remember him. I would like to attend his funeral but I am out of town right now, staying in Colorado with our kids. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Lonnie & Phyllis Randolph
So many memories! We guys nicknamed him \"Frunk\" for a while....Just because he was so strong, I think. One of my favorite people....We grew up in a baseball era and Frank was the source for anything you wanted to know about the game. He loved it. In our teen years, before radar-measured data, I am convinced that, Frank could throw a ball 100 mph. He pitched for a while on our Wentzville Khoury League teams but always expressed a fear of hitting a batter(We wore no helmets then). He eventually moved to right field because of his throwing arm and seemed to settle in there. He never bragged about his strength, typical of a gifted but humble friend. (Although I did see him throw a bale of Alfalfa Hay from the ground into the hayloft once.) His friends will recall a Sky-blue \'58 Impala which Frank loved to share with friends on lunch-time rides....Frank Fraze, an unforgettable character....A privilege to have been his friend.

Paulette and Jerry Wilmes
Terrie so sorry to hear about your dad. You have our prayers and condolences.

Gerald Goethals and Greg Patterson
Ann & Dave, we are very sorry for your loss. Although we really didn\'t know Frank, we do see Dave almost everyday and see you, Ann, from time to time. We\'re right across the street and want you to know you\'re in our thoughts and prayers.